South’s girls soccer team demolishes Grayson 5-1

Kyla Ramey , Section Editor

South Gwinnett’s girls soccer team took home a huge win against Grayson at our home game on Friday, February 24th. With the score of 5-1, South had two skilled prospects to carry this win through. With Lauren Ward scoring four goals and Eden Bretous scoring one, these girls, along with their team, made this win look easy. Lauren Ward, our sophomore superstar says, “It felt great knowing that we needed to win the game and that the players and coaches were counting on me to put the ball in the back of the net, and I didn’t want to let them down.” Lauren also introduces some knowledge on how she locks in, or mentally prepares, before her games. She explains, “I have to drink a lemon Powerade and listen to a particular playlist in order to “lock in” before a game.” This talented young lady has a lot of greatness ahead of her.

Coach Christian Vasquez, the Girl’s soccer head coach, gives some insight into how the team mentally prepared for their win. He says that the team had to have an “elite mentality whether we go down or not” when it came to competing against Grayson. He also states, “Take it to Grayson, we wanted to be the enforcers, we didn’t want to wait and see.” With a mentality like that, the girls’ soccer team has a lot to show in their upcoming games. As the girls continue to compete against other teams, wishing them luck and going out to support them is the best thing our school can do.