South Gwinnett’s star track athlete, Kyla Ramey, makes a comeback


Persia Walls , Staff Writer

Kyla Ramey, a track and field athlete at South Gwinnett, has been a star on and off of the field. Last year, as a sophomore, Kyla Ramey broke South Gwinnett’s Girls 800m record that stood for the past 12 years with a time of 2:26:61. On March 2nd, she broke her own school record with a time of 2:25.39 at the Walnut Grove All-Comers meet. Not only has she excelled in the 800m, but she is also a force in the 400m, setting a personal record of 57.61. This record would have placed her in the state championship. Unfortunately, after a groundbreaking season last year, her dreams would be cut short due to a hamstring strain, which prevented Kyla from competing for the remainder of the season. Kyla explains, “I was warming up two days before my sectional meet. I started off with a 150m like always but this time when I turned the curve I felt a pain I never felt before in my leg, and began to cry.” Sports researchers explain that an athlete’s response to a physical injury resembles grief- a complex response to loss. Kyla continues saying, “I knew it was over at that moment”. After being on the sidelines of a sport that brought her so much joy, Kyla recognized that she had the power to change her situation and would have to work harder to accomplish the goals she set for herself. Often times these injuries can end an athlete’s career, but Kyla was determined to return to the track and use this minor setback to fuel a major comeback.

After taking the time to recover, fully heal, and train again, Kyla returned to track season this year and has been an unstoppable force. Over the summer, Kyla made tremendous progress, making sure to take care of her body and get it back into a state where she could compete. This 2022-2023 track season, Kyla has done nothing but hit the ground running. Now, Kyla is more determined than ever to meet her full athletic potential. She says she has her eyes set on two goals “making this season my comeback and advancing in state.” For any athlete who may experience an injury keep in mind, that the way you mentally approach an injury plays a great effect on how you will physically heal. Welcome back to the track, Kyla Ramey!