Jordyn Sims new clothing line, Lenci My Everything, pre-sale orders shock the young designer

Mikalah Roberts

CEO, Jordyn Sims, in her Lenci My Everything hoodie. Sims says the brand hopes to expand this year.

Most juniors in high school are touring colleges in preparation to embark on their new endeavors. But along with exploring post-secondary plans, Jordyn Sims is also exploring a new business venture. Many would agree that 2023 is a big year for 17-year-old Jordyn Sims. All within the first quarter of the year, she was promoted to editor-in-chief for the school magazine, made the varsity cheerleading squad, and started her own clothing brand, Lenci My Everything.

Jordyn Sims, a rising senior at South Gwinnett and teen entrepreneur, has a goal of changing the way that people view fashion through her clothing brand. Everything about this brand is intentional, including the meaning of its name. Jordyn says, “After I began researching possible brand names, Lenci, just felt like the best name because it means light. Designing fashion brings so much light to my world, which is why I have the world as my brand’s logo. I want other people to find what lights up their world and really pursue it.” Inspired by fashion phenom and singer, Teyana Taylor, Lenci My Everything is a streetwear line where comfort and style collide. Before its launch, the brand collaborated with videographer Jaden Maxwell (@TrendyClips) and photographer Sarah Armstrong (@LydzPhotos), both juniors at South, to create a visual project that gave social media followers a preview of what to expect. Within the first hour of the online shop opening, Lenci My Everything, already received ten orders. To date, Jordyn has sold over 35 hoodies in a month. “The launch was way better than expected, says Jordyn, people from all over has made an order. I am really shipping out hoodies to places like North Carolina- not just locally in Georgia.” With the profit exceeding her expectations, she plans to use these earnings to invest them back into her business for future projects and save up for college.

Photos courtesy of Sarah Armstrong (11) @Lydzphotos

It is challenging being an entrepreneur who takes risks with their money in hopes to make a profit, especially as a teen. Not a lot of people have the proper support when starting a business. Jordyn says that she has a great support system of family and friends. Her biggest support, however, came from her mother, Kiante Sims. Jordyn says, “I ran into so many issues with manufacturers. They either turned me down, asked for a lot of money, or couldn’t deliver what I wanted. But my mom just kept telling me: be patient, people who want to support you are going to support you when the time is right. They are waiting for YOU.’ and from that, I took the steps on my own timing. By being patient, Jordyn was able to create a brand that she is proud of and customers are eager to get their hands on.

So what’s next for Lenci My Everything? Jordyn gave VOS the first inside scoop on her brand’s goals saying, “Every design is completely sketched by me in a journal. I have more hoodies coming in new color combinations, crop tops, basketball shorts, and a new collection that followers can expect for Juneteenth called the “in our skin” collection.