Dear Black Girl

A poem by Zeniya Buggs


Zeniya Buggs

Dear black girl, you are incredible.

The way the sun kisses your melanated skin, creating that glow everyone wishes for.

The way your hair touches the heavens… how it defies the laws of gravity.

You are the miracle the world never knew they needed.

Dear black girl, I am so deeply sorry.

I am sorry that you are judged from such a young age.

I am sorry that you were told that you didn’t fit the standard for beauty.

That your black brothers put you down instead of uplifting you like the queen you are.

That they told you your skin was too dark or you just weren’t enough.

I am sorry that you had to realize at such a young age that the world was never sunshine and rainbows.

They may hate your confidence, but keep your head held high.

The world will put you down, but you’ll survive.

Dear black girl, be proud,

You were crafted specially by the hands of God.

You are an indescribable masterpiece.

You are blacknificent.


Dear black girls, you are beautiful in every shade and every size.

Make your mark, show the world who you are.

No longer accept being subjected to the shadows… stand up and show them your light.

Make sure, if anything, that they don’t forget you.

Dear black girl.