#DoSomething@South: Student Council

SGHS Student Council aims to lead, serve, and inspire


StuCo walks with pride during the homecoming parade

Kyla Ramey and Achazia Adams

Under the leadership of Ms. Carla Jordan, Student Council (StuCo) are a group of committed students who aim to positively shape and influence South Gwinnett. Students in this club help manage and organize many major school and community events to help increase the culture and climate within the South Gwinnett community. Some of their most notable annual events include homecoming, pep rallies, and prom. Being a part of Student Council can help students develop the leadership, team building, and communication skills needed to navigate in the real world. Amoy Gibbs, a junior at South and a member of StuCo, says “being a part of any club, even a game club in high school is important for your personality development. Being a part of Student Council has shaped me into ways that only someone that has experienced it can describe.”

The student council slogan is, “ Lead, serve, Inspire”. Ms. Jordan explains the reasoning behind this by saying, “The motto LEAD, SERVE , and INSPIRE are core values necessary for anyone who is an aspiring leader. Anyone who considers themselves a leader must be willing to LEAD others selflessly to accomplish any goal or task, willing to SERVE in any capacity without hesitation, and always working to INSPIRE others to uphold excellence and uplift positive energy.” Student Council allows students to improve both individually and collectively as a organization. For example, a lot of students who first join Student Council may not be able to talk in front of a crowd however with guidance from Ms. Jordan and support from other members, students quickly find their voice and are more confident to lead discussions with large audiences.

Student Council is a great organization on our campus with students who are committed to seeing a positive change in our school. The team encourages other students to want to see change whether that be running to be an officer, a cabinet member, or just volunteering their time. As students strive for greatness throughout the year, the Student Council is committed to enriching every Comet’s high school experience.