In Review: Ginny and Georgia explores how complex mother and daughter relationships can be

*Spoiler alert*

TImia Hyde and Mikalah Roberts

Ginny and Georgia, a Netflix original that was released on Feb. 24,2021 and renewed for a second season that premiered on Jan. 5,2023 . The show focuses on Ginny, who is 15 years old in high school and her mom Georgia. Georgia moves her kids to a new town and tries to run away from her past, starting a new life but still can’t escape. Georgia had Ginny at a very young age which caused a good amount of maturity issues. Although Georgia was young she learned quickly how to be a mother and she would do anything to protect her daughter. When Georgia became a teen parent, she needed to move frequently due to surrounding environment problems that she had to keep Ginny away from. So Ginny never stayed in one area long enough to experience a normal childhood like staying at one school or having constant friends. Georgia also wasn’t financially stable at the same time so there came times where she had to give up her meal to give to Ginny.

Overall in this time frame while Georgia was still very young she met a new guy who helped her out with having a place for her and Ginny to stay. Later on this same guy who she thought was perfect became abusive towards her. Georgia did everything to hide events where he would beat on her from Ginny, and then came to the realization that she should no longer stay with him pretending to be happy but then that same week Georgia started experiencing morning sickness and found out she was pregnant by the same guy. She still knew she had to find a way out, so she did. Georgia packed her and ginny stuff up and ran away from him. Fast Forward to when Georgia moved to the town of Wellsbury, Massachusetts. and was finally able to settle down with her daughter and son Austin. Her goal was to provide them with a better life than she had.

A main topic that is discussed in the show is co-parenting and how it affects the child’s growth and development and mental health. Like many students in South Gwinnett, students have parents that co-parent them and have many challenges that go with it. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to co-parenting in the show.

The definition of co-parenting is the sharing of responsibility for raising a child, often between people who do not live together as a couple or when one person is not the biological parent of the child. The number of children living with both their parents has fallen significantly, from 85% in 1968 to 70% in 2020. In the show Ginny was living with her mother Georgia for all her life, going from state to state constantly moving around. While her father Zion would go places around the world and explore the wonders of life while only seeing Ginny when he comes back from his travels. At the end of season one, Zion decides to stay close so he can help raise his daughter and get emotionally closer to her and at the beginning of season two we see that he lives so close to her where she can go to her father’s house herself.

Challenges that come with co-parenting are communication. In the show Ginny had a panic attack in front of her father and he started to realize he didn’t even know what his daughter was going through. She starts to confide in him and tells him she hurts herself. He tells her she is going to get her help and tells her that they will tell her mother in the morning and she begs him not to. Not knowing what the right thing to do in the situation is, he doesn’t tell her and soon when she finds out she tells Zion and finds out he already knows. Communication is very important.